Sunday, August 23, 2009


Too many good stories about travels with Jeff. here is one.

Whenever the Three Musketeers (Randy, Jeff and Prakash) travel together, we make it a habit to stay at places that have good hot-tubs. Why? So we can hold our business meetings there. And so it came to be that many of the great ideas you see in the projects we have worked on together were actually generated by the brotherhood in hot tubs around the world. Maybe we have now started a new trend and companies will be rushing out to replace their conference rooms with hot tubs! Not as wacky an idea as it sounds -- hey, it works for us :)

Couldn’t find picture of us in hot tub but here we are hanging out at Duke Forest – site of the new Duke Middle School -- one of Jeff's professional babies.


  1. I will always associate the Duke School project with Jeff,s creative energy. I enjoyed his trips to Durham and his energy at our workshops and design meetings. The project has just finished and there were many comments from parents students and staff about the creative vision Jeff and FNI brought to the project

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