Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When I began my graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin, I was doing what research students do best - googling - when I came across Jeff's work. Low and behold, Jeff was located in Madison, just blocks from campus, and a leading expert in exactly what I aimed to master as well. His pattern language and theoretical work captivated me and before I knew it, I had Jeff on the phone. Getting a hold of him 3 years ago was no easy task, as he was constantly on the road, just as he was the first time we spoke. He agreed not only to spend an hour on the phone with a student he'd never met, but also to serve as a mentor for an independent study my second semester. He assigned a number of case studies and provided tips for how to best lay out my findings in a meaningful way. Three semesters later I had what I am proud to call a pretty darn good thesis, and I owe my success in large part to Jeff. When the time came for me to tie up loose ends at the University, Jeff continued to support and tout my work. He managed to find some odd jobs for me at FNI and I jumped at the chance. In the past year and a half, I've been fortunate enough to become a part of the team and learn and grow from Jeff's wisdom. I truly can't imagine where I would be today without you, Jeff.

-- Clare Friedrich, Educational Planner, FNI & Director of Operations, DesignShare

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